Unhappy with your Smoke Eater Performance?

If you are unhappy with your smoke eater performance, watch this video:  (tips below the video too)

  1. Are you changing your filters as recommended?  (white pre-filters monthly, black carbon filters every two months, Box HEPA filter annually)Get more filter kits here: 
    My Air Purifier or GetTheSmokeOut.com SRS Series Smoke Eaters
    Pollution Research or Matrix Air Smoke Eaters
  2. Do you have enough smoke eaters for the size space you have?  Did you purchase what was recommended?  Has your smoking increased lately?  Unsure what you need?  Give Dan a call at 888-472-8736.
  3. If you are changing filters and have enough machines and are still not happy, consider adding an ozone producing UV light to your solution.  Again, give Dan a call at 888-472-8736.  The size of your space will determine which unit is recommended.  Prices range from $350 to $1,000.
  4. Lastly, are your smoke eaters laid out properly?  Airflow matters.  Watch this video to see if yours are set up properly.

Sometimes it just takes the right maintenance or a slight tweak to dramatically improve the results you are getting from your system.

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How to Choose the Best Cigar Smoke Eater

Smoke EatersHow to choose the best cigar smoke eater is a common question for those surrounded by the dreadful stuff. A smoke eater is designed to remove smoke from the air in a home or a business. Often, people who smoke cigarettes or cigars will use cigar smoke eaters to make the air in their home better for other people who are exposed to their smoke second hand.

Some people might want a smoke eater to improve the smell of their home because cigars and cigarettes get into the tapestry and in the walls. In other cases, like bars or restaurants that allow smoking, smoke eaters might be used to help clear the air in these establishments as well. It can be a challenge to determine what type of smoke eater you will need, but there are some general pointers that will help you make a good informed decision.

The first thing you will need to consider is what kind of smoke you want to get rid of. Cigar and cigarette smoke is different from other types of smoke, like industrial smoke. You will also want to be an aware that smoke eaters come in different sizes and also have different types of filters. Some smoke eater devices have filters that need to be removed and cleaned from time to time. Other types of smoke eaters have filters that you will need to remove and replace periodically as well. You will need to decide if you want to have the type that you have to clean or the type that you have to purchase again and again. If you need to have one that you need to replace the filter in, you will have to factor that into the cost over the life time of the device in your home or business.

A cigar smoke eater might be different from a cigarette smoke eater. Some smoke eaters are very quiet and others aren’t. If you are going to be using the smoke eater in the home, you will probably want one that is relatively quiet.

A smoke eater can also be used for other purposes like for removing allergens from the air, as well. What you really need to do is figure out what you need the smoke eater for and what size you will need to have. With this knowledge, you should be able to choose the best cigar smoke eater for your needs.

An Advanced Biozone Air Purifier Can Improve Your Health

Biozone Air PurifiersBiozone is a Helsinki based company that designs, fabricates, and distributes high quality air purifiers for home consumers and commercial businesses. Biozone air purifiers make use of advanced oxidation technology and deep ultraviolet light techniques to kill unwanted bacteria, molds, viruses, and unpleasant odors. A wide variety of technologically advanced Biozone air purifiers are available in the market today and they can be purchased online effortlessly at the touch of a button. Some of the popular ones include the Biozone Induct Air Purifier, Biozone 500, Biozone 1000, and Biozone 2000.

The Biozone Induct Air Purifier is an entry level product that can be easily installed on a cooling or heating unit. This device utilizes a patented Photoplasma purifying technology and ultraviolet light to get rid of dust and kills allergens that are harmful to the body. It is a compact air purifier that is ideal for both single family homes and commercial buildings. The Biozone 500 is an energy efficient air purifier that can be used to sanitize a small room between 300 and 500 square foot. It uses advanced Photocatalytic Ionization technology to enhance the indoor air quality. This device is virtually silent and intended for small residential rooms, commercial shops, and health clinics.

The Biozone 1000 covers a range of about 600-1000 square foot and is extremely good at removing cigarette smoke and bad odors. This device is fabricated using a rugged aluminium composite material and it is available in both black and white colors. The Biozone 1000 is favorably priced and ideal for people with dust allergies. The Biozone 2000 is a high end air purifier intended for spacious living rooms, supermarkets, and conference halls. It needs very little maintenance and can cover a wide range of approximately two thousand square foot.

More than 100 million people suffer from asthma and dust allergies globally. So everyone should consider buying an air purifier. They not only safeguard your loved ones from airborne pollutants but also help asthma and allergy sufferers. Always buy Biozone air purifiers from authorized and credible dealers online. All Biozone products come with limited warranty and can be used for ventilation ducts, sanitary facilities, ice machines, and general office use. Be cautious about low-cost air purifiers that are manufactured in third world countries. They aren’t effective and they can be harmful to your health. Invest in a high quality Biozone air purifier and knock out unwanted odors effortlessly.

What is an Ozone Smoke Removal System?

Smoke RemovalIf you have smoke damage in your home from a smoker, there are a variety of methods to get rid of the smell. You can get rid of all your belongings that smell like smoke. You can replace everything that you own. You can start over from the beginning or you can get ozone smoke removal system to get rid of the smell.

Let’s face it. The smell of smoke can really permeate the whole home and all of your belongings as well. There is not a single person in the world that likes to open up a door and get blasted with the smell of cigarette smoke.

You don’t need to hire someone to come and clean up the damage done by smoke. Quit trying to cover the smell of with candles and sprays. You don’t need to go in and wash all the rooms and vacuum and shampoo the carpets. All you need to have is an ozone smoke removal system.

An ozone generator can be used in any room that people are not currently in. All you have to is set up the ozone machine in the room and let it do it work. This kind of product will end up saying you a lot of time, and even money, in the long run. It will save you from having to do a complete overhaul of your home or business after a room has been used by a smoker.

One awful thing about cigarettes and cigar smoke is that it can really cause damage to the health of other people second hand. It is a carcinogen and it also is a huge allergen for a lot of people, as well. You don’t want to make your family members or the staff member at your business suffer due to the smoke. An ozone producing machine is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to remove smoke from a room.

Now that there are laws that have really cracked down on smoke in a variety of business, you need to crack down as well. It’s your job if you are a business owner to make your business pleasant for all of your customers and smoke removal is a must in order to do this. You probably didn’t know this, but many dry cleaning businesses have been using ozone to clean the smoke smell from clothes. If you really want to get rid of the smoke, you need a safe ozone smoke removal system.

Investing in a Smoke Deodorizer

Cigarette SmokeFor people who do not smoke, having to live with a smoker can be a very unpleasant experience. The idea of sitting down and smelling cigarettes is often times revolting to someone who does not smoke. As a result, many people are investing in a smoke deodorizer. These machines can effectively remove the smoke from the air, allowing smokers and people who do not smoke to live or be in the same area. While it might not be nice to sit directly next to the person smoking, at least the smell will be gone and odors will not linger long after the cigarette has been put out.

There are many different types of machines that are available on the market today. If you are installing a smoke eating machine in your own home, you will likely want to do it in a nice way. If this is what you are looking for, there are many systems which can actually be hidden from view. This can be done by putting the smoke eating machine in the ceiling or installing it in a closet or room that is not frequently used. Once installed, the machine can be piped throughout the house to create a smoke free environment everywhere.

While many people may just suggest going outside to smoke, others will want to enjoy their house as they see fit. Furthermore, in many areas it might be too cold to go outside and have a smoke frequently. When it comes down to it, there are many reasons to invest in a smoke deodorizer machine no matter what circumstance you might find yourself in. From the smallest of jobs to eliminating the smoke from a large establishment, there is always a smoke eating machine that will get the job done.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a smoke eating machine is the elimination of the odors that will linger around. Cleaning the house and getting rid of these smells can take lots of work and there is never a good way to really clean it out. However, with a smoke deodorizer machine, the work is already done for you. House guests will now be able to come over and be entertained without having to put up with the odor from a cigar or cigarette and the house does not have to be divided into a smoking and non-smoking section. For both health and sanitary reasons, investing in a smoke eating machine is a great idea for the house.

How to Build a Temporary Smoke Eater

Smoke RemovalMany people are looking for different types of ways to get the smoke out of their home or out of their business. Smoke can come from a variety of different sources including cooking, wood stoves, cigars, or cigarettes. Particularly in the case of smokers of cigars and cigarettes, people are looking for ways that they can still smoke indoors. At the same time, they want to find a way to protect other people from their second hand smoke in the air. One reason that cigarette and cigar smoke is so odorous is that it is composed of a few different parts, which manifest themselves in the form of gas and odor.

Additionally, nicotine can get into the carpet, the walls, and fabrics of a smoker’s home as well. That’s why cigarette and cigar smoke are so troublesome when it comes to odors. In this article, you will learn how to make a temporary smoke eater until you can get to the store to purchase a smoke eater such as a Honeywell smoke eater.

Gathering Requirements

You will need to get a box fan. If you have one of these, that’s great. If not, you can probably purchase one relatively cheaply from any store. You will also need to purchase some furnace filters. A lot of stores sell these and you shouldn’t have a hard time finding them. If you need help finding one, just ask for help in the store. Finally, you need to purchase some duct tape.

Building the Fan System

When you get back home, put your box fan on the floor, having the back of it facing upwards. Then, you will want to cut the furnace filter to fit the back of the box fan. You will need to get the filter to completely cover the back of the fan. Then, just duct tape the furnace filter firmly to the fan. If the filter doesn’t fit perfectly because it is too big, that’s okay. You just don’t want it to be too small.

Testing It Out

Next you can just turn on the fan. You can turn the fan on high to get the air filtering quickly. You can replace the filter when it gets dirty, but this will end up becoming fairly costly in the long run. To use this technique on a smaller fan, you would just need to cut it to fit.

This will help to tide you over until you get your Honeywell smoke eater. However the power of this type of temporary smoke eater is nowhere in the realm on a professional smoke eater. It is clear that a Honeywell smoke eater would be a simpler choice, and as they are not expensive, it may be a better option to go for them in the long run.

Deciding on a Smoke Eater

CT500 Smoke EaterIf you are searching for a smoke eater t can be difficult to choose the right kind for your home or business. It’s important to know a couple of different things in terms of smoke. Smoke offers a variety of different problems, including ash, smoke and gas. When you put all of these things together, it becomes smoke.

In smoke eaters, it really matters which part of the smoke you want to get rid of. Some people are mostly concerned with the gas component and second hand smoke harming other bothering other people. Some people might just be mainly worried about the bad smell that comes with cigarette and cigar smoke. Some people might be concerned with all of the parts of smoke. So, knowing the type of smoke you are looking to be rid of, that will help you choose the right smoke eater, as cheaper versions can get rid of the smell but not the polluting danger, for example.

A smoke eater such as the CT500 Smoke Eater is designed to get rid of pollutants and allergies in the air indoors. Smoke eaters work by pulling in the bad air and filtering it into good air.

When you are deciding what type of smoke eater you need for your home or business, you will want to think about what your budget is and how much money you are able to or looking to spend. Next, you will need to look at how big the area or room is that you need the smoke eater to treat. Some people might just have a small area they need to have worked on. Others will have a large area, like in a full home or a commercial business. You will also need to know how often you plan to use the smoke eater. If you are planning to have it running a little bit of time that will make a difference. If you need one to run all the time, that matters too.

Really, the best way to improve on the smoke smell and gas in the air is to refrain from smoking or to choose one area in the building to smoke in. If that’s not something that is possible for you, then you will probably want to invest your money in a CT500 smoke eater, providing a CT500 smoke eater is big enough for your needs.

Purchasing Dynamic Air Cleaners Online

For home owners looking to make their home smoke free, one of the trusted ways available for removing the smoke from different rooms in the home is the domestic smoke removal solutions provided by Dynamic Air Cleaners.

Dynamic has a wide range of domestic smoke removal devices in the form of portable home smoke eaters, which can be carried to different parts of the home and the centralized whole home smoke removal solutions.

Dynamic Air Cleaners provide standalone filters and also complete smoke eater package that can be used to remove the smoke out from the house. They provide the complete home smoke eater package in the form of CT500 home smoke eater basic package and CT500 home smoke eater ultimate package. The basic package comes with the unit plus the four filters. The main unit comes in two colors in the form of wood grain and black. The basic unit is capable of capturing both smoke and odor. They are very powerful, but at the same time operate very quietly and smoothly. Each every filter that has been provided as part of the package would last up to three months. Thus the four filters that come as part of the package would last for one year.

The CT500 Home smoke eater ultimate package provided by Dynamic Air Cleaners comes with 13 filters in addition to the basic smoke eater unit. The ultimate pack comes with 3 times more filters than the basic package. The remaining features remain the same as the basic package. In addition to the home smoke eater packages, they also provide replacement filters in the form of the CT500 3 filter replacement pack, the 6 filter replacement pack, the 9 filter replacement pack, and the 12 filter replacement pack. A 6 Filter replacement pack has the capacity to last up to 12 months depending upon the level of smoke in the house. The 12 filter replacement pack can last for 24 months depending on the smoke intensity levels.

In addition to CT500 filter replacement packs, there are also Electronic Air filters. These electronic air cleaners come in the form of 1 inch polarized media air filters. These filters can be used to replace the filters used in the central heating and cooling system. These electronic Air filters have the capability to remove both the odor and impure particles present in the different rooms. While using this filter, the heating and cooling system fan should always be turned on. For ordering these filters, one can go to getthesmokeout.com and look for the Dynamic Air Cleaner product section.

Smoke Eater Ashtrays for an Improved Environment

Smoke RemovalBased on information from the CDC (Center for Disease Control Prevention), approximately 400,000 people in the United States die each year from illnesses and conditions that relate to cigarette smoke.

Even though most of these deaths can be linked to people who smoke cigarettes, a substantial number includes people who do not smoke (second hand smoke). In fact, the annual total for second hand smoke is approximately 46,000. Therefore, it is important for non-smokers to be aware of their environments that they live and work in.

In many of these situations, the non-smokers may live with people who smoke. Which means, they will have to be more pro-active about the environment that they live in on a daily basis. Living in smoke free environments is the ultimate goal for people who do not want to suffer or die from cigarette smoke related illnesses and diseases.

Fortunately, there are many different ways that this can be accomplished, specifically with the help of the smoker. For instance, when an individual is a smoker, they can use a variety of different devices to keep the smoke from traveling throughout the home and affecting others. One of the first things that they can do is to purchase a smoke eater ashtray. Smoke eater ashtrays is an effective way to help the environment in a home or a business to remain free of smoke infiltrating the air that others breathe in on a regular basis. These trays are designed specifically to help with minimizing and eliminating the adverse impact that cigarette smoke has on the non-smoker.

A smoke eater ashtray can keep the air in a home fresh and smelling clean even when a person smokes continually. While these devices can assist with eliminating the problems, some versions of these products are more effective than others. Therefore, it is essential for the person that smokes and others around them to review and evaluate the best products available on the market. Even though the price for these products can vary widely, this is not an area in the budget that should be cut too deeply, since the health of others is at high risks. Hence, it is best to pay the extra amounts for the most effective products offered on the market (i.e. all smoke eater ashtrays are not equal). Shopping around for the best and the most affordable prices, however, can reduce the amount that is paid out.

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