An Advanced Biozone Air Purifier Can Improve Your Health

Biozone Air PurifiersBiozone is a Helsinki based company that designs, fabricates, and distributes high quality air purifiers for home consumers and commercial businesses. Biozone air purifiers make use of advanced oxidation technology and deep ultraviolet light techniques to kill unwanted bacteria, molds, viruses, and unpleasant odors. A wide variety of technologically advanced Biozone air purifiers are available in the market today and they can be purchased online effortlessly at the touch of a button. Some of the popular ones include the Biozone Induct Air Purifier, Biozone 500, Biozone 1000, and Biozone 2000.

The Biozone Induct Air Purifier is an entry level product that can be easily installed on a cooling or heating unit. This device utilizes a patented Photoplasma purifying technology and ultraviolet light to get rid of dust and kills allergens that are harmful to the body. It is a compact air purifier that is ideal for both single family homes and commercial buildings. The Biozone 500 is an energy efficient air purifier that can be used to sanitize a small room between 300 and 500 square foot. It uses advanced Photocatalytic Ionization technology to enhance the indoor air quality. This device is virtually silent and intended for small residential rooms, commercial shops, and health clinics.

The Biozone 1000 covers a range of about 600-1000 square foot and is extremely good at removing cigarette smoke and bad odors. This device is fabricated using a rugged aluminium composite material and it is available in both black and white colors. The Biozone 1000 is favorably priced and ideal for people with dust allergies. The Biozone 2000 is a high end air purifier intended for spacious living rooms, supermarkets, and conference halls. It needs very little maintenance and can cover a wide range of approximately two thousand square foot.

More than 100 million people suffer from asthma and dust allergies globally. So everyone should consider buying an air purifier. They not only safeguard your loved ones from airborne pollutants but also help asthma and allergy sufferers. Always buy Biozone air purifiers from authorized and credible dealers online. All Biozone products come with limited warranty and can be used for ventilation ducts, sanitary facilities, ice machines, and general office use. Be cautious about low-cost air purifiers that are manufactured in third world countries. They aren’t effective and they can be harmful to your health. Invest in a high quality Biozone air purifier and knock out unwanted odors effortlessly.

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