The Air Oasis Nano Induct – Air Purification Perfection

Air Oasis makes many products designed to remove odors and contaminants from your home. Odors related to smoke and pets and contaminants including mold, bacteria, and viruses can make your air seem stale and unhealthy. Using air filtration products will keep the air in your home fresh and sanitized.

The Nano Induct air purifier is a purification device that is installed in the duct of your heating or cooling system. The advantage of this is that all of your home will be covered by the purification, not just the room with the device. These devices are available in sizes to clean up to 1000, 3000, or 5000 square feet. Although they are not designed particularly to remove smoke, they will keep your home smelling fresher and provide protections to allergy sufferers. This device works fast. You will notice a difference in air quality right away.

The Air Oasis Nano Induct device works through multiple methods to purify as much as possible. As your heating or cooling system forces air past the induct device, a UV lamp sterilizes the air, killing harmful mold and bacteria. A specially designed catalyst then works to separate out both the dead microorganisms and other particulate matter. The device also produces negative ions to naturally clean the air throughout your home and keep it smelling fresh. This system is specially designed to remove smaller particles than many other systems.

The Nano Induct system is a low maintenance air cleaning option. The UV light bulb usually only needs to be replaced once every three years, and this is an easy operation. Because the unit is installed inside HVAC ducts, it doesn’t require any regular cleaning. Because of its hidden location, it also doesn’t add any extra noise levels to your home. The only sounds you will hear are the typical sounds of your heating or cooling system.

The Air Oasis Induct system is great for installing near your system’s coils to reduce mold and mildew that may grow in that area and prevent it from entering your home, but it can also be used more locally. A device for cleaning a smaller area may be installed near the outlet vent for the room with the most air quality problems. This will provide focused air cleaning for this area.

A Nano Induct System is a great choice for general odor and contaminant removal for your home. Its long-lasting UV lamp, 360 degree cleaning, and unique ionizer are safe ways for cleaner, healthier air to keep your home fresh and your family healthy.

The Remarkable Air Oasis Smoke Removal Machine

Air OasisIn the business of serving the public with a bar or pub you will always find a problem or two. For some it is the need to have a door man to eject those who would cause problems for your patrons. Others need a couple of good servers on hand to take orders without messing up people’s food. Serving the general public is a monumental task at hand. Smoke is a problem which will not go away or clear out on its own. It can cause odors to linger as it attaches to objects and even carry dirt and grime everywhere in its wake. Smoke is just downright terrible.

This is why you have to get the smoke out! The best way to do that is with a smoke eater and one of the best eaters on the market is the Air Oasis. This smoke eater uses ultraviolet light for its purposes of smoke removal. How this works is simple; the device has a polarized air filter which uses an ultraviolet scrubber. The air around the device is electrically charged so that the smoke particles become even heavier than normal and are attracted to the polarized filter. The scrubbers then cleanse the air by extracting the dirt and grime. It is within the dirty and grime in which your smoke odors live, so this also cleanses the air of the odors.

The Air Oasis is a remarkable machine which really delivers and gets the job done. Of course like other air purifiers and smoke eaters this one requires a bit of cleaning and a physical removal of the dirt and grime that is collected. Also this physical cleaning of the smoke eater needs to be done more often depending on the volume of smoke which you are cleansing from the air around you. However once you see the remarkable job this smoke eater performs you will not have a problem with cleaning it so often.

The Air Oasis can run anywhere from just under nine hundred dollars to well over fifteen hundred. It is indeed worth every penny. Also the Oasis is not just for commercial use but can be used inside the home for your own personal clean air experiences. The Ultraviolet scrubber can filter out more than just smoke and the dirt which comes along with it. It can also take care of the smoke from a kitchen or just the buildup of dust and other air pollutants in general.

Air Oasis Products for the Removal of MRSA

Air OasisAir Oasis is a manufacturer which creates products that purify and sanitize the air and other surfaces for residential and commercial purposes. They are manufactured in several different models to allow them to be used just about anywhere. Counter top models are available in two different styles, the 1000G3 with an effective range of 1000 square feet and the 3000G3 with an effective range of 3000 square feet.

For more portable uses, Air Oasis has designed mobile units that are capable of cleaning the air in a car, office or hotel room. The AO Mobile 175 and AO Mobile 250 can be taken just about anywhere and are effective on an area of approximately 250 square feet. There are also commercial solutions that can be used for larger areas. The Air Oasis induct products can be installed into a HVAC system to clean and purify up to 5000 square feet. Each unit uses advanced hydrated photo-catalytic oxidation which was developed by NASA. This technology eliminates odors quickly and reduces carbon-based and organic compounds such as mold and bacteria.

They also aid in the removal of smoke and odors caused by cigarette smoking, pets and other pesky smells. Schools, libraries, hotel and other public facilities can also use these products to help keep surfaces sanitized. Studies from West Texas A&M University have shown that this type of air purifier/sanitizer greatly reduces the presence of mold, bacteria and MRSA.

MRSA or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is a bacterial infection that can be found in different parts of the body. Treatment of this infection is more difficult than staph as it does not respond as well to most of the commonly prescribed antibiotics. Air Oasis products can be used to treat an area after a fire or flood. After a fire strikes, the odor from the burning materials and smoke is often left behind. An air purifier helps to rid the air of these odors. The water damage that a flood causes leaves behind a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. By using an air purifier/sanitizer, odors caused by the moisture can be eliminated and the spread of mold and bacteria can be greatly reduced.

Each Air Oasis product is backed by a limited warranty. 1000G3, 3000G3, 3000XG3, and 5000 units are covered for a period of three years, AHPCO Cells and induct units are covered for two years and mobile units are covered for one year. This warranty only applies to units that were purchased directly for residential or commercial use and have not been damaged or misused.

Air Oasis- Using UV technology to Bring You the Air of the Future

Air OasisNo one likes dirty, moldy or dust laden air. It smells, it makes you sick, and it can radically change the look of windows, upholstery and curtains. The best way to get away from dirty air is to move (!), but if that is not an option that one can install a reliable quality air filter. Air filters have been around since the day mankind first realized that the particles polluting air could be filtered out of it just as if the air was being forces through a sieve. The first day that mankind came to that realization the product of choice for creating air filters was carbon.

Carbon is great at removing substances – that’s why it’s used in so many products from air filtration devices, to water filtration devices, and more. However carbon, as a solid, has its limits. Carbon can only remove so much and most of the time what it filters must be of a certain size or else it escapes. The filters are immobile and must be positioned properly in order to have an effect.

UV light, on the other hand, is an interesting alternative to carbon. Although it is strange to think of light as a purifier, that is just what the folks at Air Oasis have done with it. The company uses UV light bulb technology to remove that the pathogens, dirt, dust, smoke and mold in the air without interfering in daily life.

Air Oasis’s Nano HCT Induct connects to the central air system in the home to provide the freshest, purest air around. This means that every room is treated to an air purification process and that the whole house is inoculated against any ill effects of bad air. Their purifier removes carbon-based contaminants such as cigarette and cooking smoke in only a matter of minutes.

Air Oasis technology was developed by NASA and then perfected for home and commercial use by the research and development team at the company. The product is proven to relieve the signs of pulmonary discomfort caused by polluted air. Families using the Nano HCT Induct system report disappearing symptoms of dizziness, headaches and phlegm.

The Nano HTC Induct system has no messy filters to change, or replacement cartridges to buy like so many other filtration systems. Simply attach it to the central air system, add a little power, and get ready to enjoy cleaner air and a happier life.

The Air Oasis A03000X Air Purifier

OasisWhen you run a business which is open to the public you will soon discover some major disadvantages to allowing all and sundry to join in the fun. Sometimes you may have unsavory clientele who cause problems. You have to get them out of your place of business. The same can be said of inferior products – you would get that out of your store, restaurant or bar as soon as possible.  Then why wouldn’t you want to get the smoke out as soon as possible? Smoke is a huge concern and not just for safety reasons. Smoke can cause dirt and grime to build up on surfaces, stink up your place, and soil clothing with unwanted odors.

There are some devices which can help you. The smoke eater is a good example of such, or an air purifier which not only removes smoke but also other pollutants in the air. The Air Oasis is one of the better name brands on the market which can accomplish both of these tasks for you. This device can be used not just in a business but also in your home. Below we will examine one of the air purifiers by Air Oasis.

The Air Oasis A03000X Air Purifier is a state of the art beauty designed for both commercial and private use. It will run you just under six hundred dollars and can clean just about anything in the air. The Air Oasis can remove smoke, eradicate viruses and bacteria as well as mold which causes such problems in the first place. It can cleanse dust and dirt in the air which helps you if you are, like many, allergic to such things. If you have pets it can also help with the odors left behind by your household animals. All these pollutants and more can be removed by this amazing device.

The Air Oasis A03000X Air Purifier can cover an area of up to thirty five hundred square feet. , it has the dimensions of four by four and a quarter making it a small air purifier unit, and it can also handle the air flow of thirty six cubic feet per minute, one of the highest revolutions per  minute for any smoke eater or air purifier. This device comes with a three year manufacturer warranty and has a thirty day return period if something is not to your liking. You get all this for a low price, making this Air Oasis a splendid choice.

Air Oasis Can Purify Your Air

When you own a public establishment such as a bar, you run into some major problems concerning smoke. Smoke is a problem which will never go away, no matter how many times you close your eyes and wish it was not there. Smoke has the nasty habit of lingering and loitering in your breathable air of your bar. It can cause odors which cling to plastics and fabrics as well as leaving a trail of dirt and grime in its wake. This is why a smoke eater is essential.

Now, not all smoke eaters are created equal nor are the companies who sell them. If you are hinging the success of your bar or pub’s establishment on maintaining clean, filtered air then you want to look no further than air oasis. Air Oasis has maintained a quality standard in the smoke eater industry for a while now. From their counter top models and portable air filters to their massive yet streamlined commercial filters and replacement cells, Oasis has everything a company in dire need of filtered air needs.

The counter top models from Air Oasis are great for your bar or even down on the floor. This is the same with the portable air filters which can be moved around as needed. One of the problems with standard smoke eaters are that they are usually fixed and cannot be moved on a regular basis. Of course this is the same with the Air Oasis commercial smoke eater units but even they are streamlined to a point where relocating them can be just as easy if not better than having a regular mounted smoke eater.

Most of the Oasis units use what is called UV or Ultra Violet light to separate the carbon particles from the air making it easier to filter and recycle. Even the UV Inducts which can be placed in almost any style smoke eater or air filter cleaning unit uses the same ultra violet technology to filter air. The replacement cells are easy to remove and put back in making this not only small and portable but also a nicely placed in your establishment.

Your customers will not know the wiser that there is even a smoke eater in the bar. They make very little noise and are very easy-going on electricity. This is a brand name that you really cannot live without if you have a business such as a bar which is going to suffer from the problem of smoke polluted air.