How to Build a Temporary Smoke Eater

Smoke RemovalMany people are looking for different types of ways to get the smoke out of their home or out of their business. Smoke can come from a variety of different sources including cooking, wood stoves, cigars, or cigarettes. Particularly in the case of smokers of cigars and cigarettes, people are looking for ways that they can still smoke indoors. At the same time, they want to find a way to protect other people from their second hand smoke in the air. One reason that cigarette and cigar smoke is so odorous is that it is composed of a few different parts, which manifest themselves in the form of gas and odor.

Additionally, nicotine can get into the carpet, the walls, and fabrics of a smoker’s home as well. That’s why cigarette and cigar smoke are so troublesome when it comes to odors. In this article, you will learn how to make a temporary smoke eater until you can get to the store to purchase a smoke eater such as a Honeywell smoke eater.

Gathering Requirements

You will need to get a box fan. If you have one of these, that’s great. If not, you can probably purchase one relatively cheaply from any store. You will also need to purchase some furnace filters. A lot of stores sell these and you shouldn’t have a hard time finding them. If you need help finding one, just ask for help in the store. Finally, you need to purchase some duct tape.

Building the Fan System

When you get back home, put your box fan on the floor, having the back of it facing upwards. Then, you will want to cut the furnace filter to fit the back of the box fan. You will need to get the filter to completely cover the back of the fan. Then, just duct tape the furnace filter firmly to the fan. If the filter doesn’t fit perfectly because it is too big, that’s okay. You just don’t want it to be too small.

Testing It Out

Next you can just turn on the fan. You can turn the fan on high to get the air filtering quickly. You can replace the filter when it gets dirty, but this will end up becoming fairly costly in the long run. To use this technique on a smaller fan, you would just need to cut it to fit.

This will help to tide you over until you get your Honeywell smoke eater. However the power of this type of temporary smoke eater is nowhere in the realm on a professional smoke eater. It is clear that a Honeywell smoke eater would be a simpler choice, and as they are not expensive, it may be a better option to go for them in the long run.

Balance your Smoking and Home Life with an In-Home Smoke Eater

Cigarette SmokeA huge problem for smokers, virtually unseen at first, is the amount of dirt and grime which you will cause around your home from your habit. From the yellowing of ceilings, to the dirt and grime which will drift and lay all over your items, not to mention that awful odor which clings to clothing, smoking can leave a trail of devastation in its wake. There is however a way to deal with this in the home; much like how businesses use the modern art of smoke eaters you can also utilize room smoke eaters to return your home to its freshest best.

These smoke eaters are small, and they can be placed in a room and you will never even know they are there. These room smoke eaters can come in all shapes and sizes. From the small ashtray smoke eaters which nail the problem at the source, to concealed units which can fit within wooden cases to look just like furniture. You can have a smoke eater in your own home which fits your needs.

How these smoke eaters work is no different from the larger industrial-sized versions seen in bars and restaurants. Within their casing is a series of fans which revolve many times a minute. This revolution draws the smoke filled air inside, and the system then cycles the air around and around through a series of filters which literally scrub the dirt out of the air, collecting all the physical and liquid particles which comprise smoke. This can also filter the odor from the air to a level that you will hardly even notice it any more. The clean air is then cycled out of the smoke eater back into the room.

Most people who indulge in their smoking habit at home can find themselves being sent outside like a bad dog. However can you imagine having to go outside to smoke in the rain or in the snow during the winter? This can be a bit off-putting, especially for your guests who share the same habit as you. Having a room smoke eater helps you maintain a cleaner environment while still permitting the smoking to continue inside. It is a way to be proactive in an attempt to balance your life and your habit. These devices cost very little and can literally change your life at home, for yourself, your guests, and for your whole family.

Home Smoke Eliminators make a Solid Choice

Home Smoke EaterDo you have a home with smokers? Well than you know how much of an annoyance that can be in one way or another, yet you don’t want to say anything because maybe it is their home, or you feel like you are violating their rights! The smell can invade the whole house and anything that is in it. Sure, some people will smoke outside, however if you live where it gets cold that can be a hindrance too. So you wonder if there are there home smoke removers that you can purchase that can help.

It can be the same situation if you have someone who enjoys to cook, but sometimes the cooking don’t go as planned. That can surely create quite the smell throughout the house too. So you may want to find a solution that can take care of that also. You can find great home smoke eliminators that can take care of either of those situations.

There are many different home smoke eliminators out there. Prices can vary greatly, as well as how efficient they are at getting the job done. Some may work well but take forever to clear out the smoke. Others may clean the air quick but it seems like you are changing out filters all the time.

When people are purchasing home smoke eliminators, they want to make sure they are getting what they pay for. They are looking for a great cost, cleaning efficiency, easy operation, and energy efficiency. They can indeed find what they are looking for if they take the time to look. They will surely find a better selection online than they will locally.

If you have a large home you may want one for each room in your home, or at the very least in each end and the main living area. You will be surprised at the difference it makes incorporating them into your home. You will be able to breathe comfortably again even with that smoker or smokers puffing away. You will finally have fresh clean air in your home again. You will wonder why you have waited so long to invest in them. So don’t keep inhaling all that smoke that isn’t healthy for you get what you need, and start breathing again!

Home smoke eliminators also make a great gift for others that you know may have a problem with smoke, such as grandparents that want the grandchildren over for visits. Smoke is a trigger for people with allergies, and breathing problems. So by providing a removal tool, you are taking those triggers away. They are just an investment that are worth their money. People may not even realize that there is even a smoker in the area anymore. You probably never thought you would be telling a smoker to smoke away. Now you won’t have to and feel bad about it, as now you both can have your comfort.

A Concealed Smoke Eater may be Just the Ticket

SED 1000You often hear people talk about smoke eaters and when they do they are almost always referencing businesses. This is mostly the case because places like a bar or a restaurant which is still able to offer smoking to one class of customer needs to maintain a clean environment for those who do not smoke. Even the smokers want a clean environment in which they smoke so as a business owner it is your responsibility to deliver such a clean establishment. This is where the smoke eater comes into play. However they are not just for your business or public places like hospitals and schools. Not at all, you can have a smoke eater in your own home.

Now of course you don’t want to walk into your living room and look up to see that mammoth box affixed to your ceiling which is humming away as it cycles air within it. Not at all, this is why there is such a thing as concealed smoke eaters. These smoke eaters can be placed anywhere in your home and as long as you have two air ducts running back and forth between the rooms in question and the smoke eater you have nothing to worry about and no one will even know the wiser.

The system is very simple. You place the smoke eater in another room, basement or even attic. The one vent draws the smoke filled air from one room through it and processes it through the smoke eater. The second ventilation duct sends the cleaned air back out through the duct and into the room it came from, sending clean air back in. The more vents you have running back and forth between rooms the more space you can clean. Of course this also depends on the size of the smoke eater as well and if it can handle such a wide area in multiple rooms.

The device also runs on silently so no one would be able to hear it and it would appear to be nothing more than a simple system within the home like an air conditioning or heating unit. Also a unit can be placed within the room itself within a casing which can resemble furniture or surrounding decorative items. This is another convenience to using concealed smoke eaters – you can amaze your friends as they wonder how you can indulge in your habit yet maintain such a clean atmosphere.