Purchasing Dynamic Air Cleaners Online

For home owners looking to make their home smoke free, one of the trusted ways available for removing the smoke from different rooms in the home is the domestic smoke removal solutions provided by Dynamic Air Cleaners.

Dynamic has a wide range of domestic smoke removal devices in the form of portable home smoke eaters, which can be carried to different parts of the home and the centralized whole home smoke removal solutions.

Dynamic Air Cleaners provide standalone filters and also complete smoke eater package that can be used to remove the smoke out from the house. They provide the complete home smoke eater package in the form of CT500 home smoke eater basic package and CT500 home smoke eater ultimate package. The basic package comes with the unit plus the four filters. The main unit comes in two colors in the form of wood grain and black. The basic unit is capable of capturing both smoke and odor. They are very powerful, but at the same time operate very quietly and smoothly. Each every filter that has been provided as part of the package would last up to three months. Thus the four filters that come as part of the package would last for one year.

The CT500 Home smoke eater ultimate package provided by Dynamic Air Cleaners comes with 13 filters in addition to the basic smoke eater unit. The ultimate pack comes with 3 times more filters than the basic package. The remaining features remain the same as the basic package. In addition to the home smoke eater packages, they also provide replacement filters in the form of the CT500 3 filter replacement pack, the 6 filter replacement pack, the 9 filter replacement pack, and the 12 filter replacement pack. A 6 Filter replacement pack has the capacity to last up to 12 months depending upon the level of smoke in the house. The 12 filter replacement pack can last for 24 months depending on the smoke intensity levels.

In addition to CT500 filter replacement packs, there are also Electronic Air filters. These electronic air cleaners come in the form of 1 inch polarized media air filters. These filters can be used to replace the filters used in the central heating and cooling system. These electronic Air filters have the capability to remove both the odor and impure particles present in the different rooms. While using this filter, the heating and cooling system fan should always be turned on. For ordering these filters, one can go to getthesmokeout.com and look for the Dynamic Air Cleaner product section.

What is in a Smoke Air Filter?

FiltersWhat exactly is inside a smoke air filter? To understand this one needs to know and understand how smoke air filters function.  An air filter is a device which is usually square. It can stand up straight like a humidifier or be mounted to the wall much like an air conditioner. It has a series of fans within it that circulate air. Each unit performs a certain amount of revolutions per second. These fan blades pass polluted air through filters over and over again.

Each time the polluted air passes through the filter is it cleansed of pollutants.  This is due to the unique composition of smoke air filters. Most filters are made of open porous fibers and are like sieves which trap the pollutants. Other times you can find filters which have sand and rock within them. The sand and rocks in this case act like the sieves do in a filter by catching particles and keeping them trapped, thus purifying the air.

These filters, depending on their size and the amount of smoke in your air, will require replacing on a regular basis. This can be the most difficult part of owning a smoke eater or air purifier. You should check these filters around once every three months. That is the standard time in which you should check up on how much smoke and dirt you have collected in your smoke air filters.

Much like the actual units themselves, smoke air filters are quite inexpensive.  You can replace them easily by yourself. Even the units can be concealed in other rooms or parts of your home. This helps keep the air purifier out of sight and also gives you a place where you can easily access it for your usual upkeep.

Now that we know what is inside a smoke air filter we can also understand how they function. You will need such a smoke eater if smoke is an issue in your home or in your place of business. They can be used for commercial purposes as well as personal residential use. While they are not required by law for a business or a residential home they are clearly a good thing to have if one cherishes fresh air with few pollutants. You really cannot afford to not have one if you suffer from allergies or have a business which is open to the public on a daily basis.