The SED 2000 – Concealed Smoke Eating Power for the Home

SED 2000 Smoke EaterLiving with a smoker can be a bit of a problem for the people who don’t smoke. Some smokers feel that if they are inside their own home, they should be entitled to smoke a cigarette, even if the others living there do not.

Over the years, people have tried many different tactics for eliminating smoke from the house and especially to remove the odor that it causes. While there are a few old wife’s tales of how to get rid of the stench, there is now a modern way that is proven to remove the actual smoke, the harmful particles, and the odor quickly and efficiently. That product is the smoke eater, and more specifically the SED 2000.

The SED 2000 is a great smoke eater because it can work from anywhere in the house. It is designed to be concealed and placed out of view of the residents. Many of the machines on the market are large and unappealing aesthetically, yet they have to be placed in the same room as the smoker. With this unit however, the eater can be hidden away from view in a closet or attic. By simply installing a few extra ducts from the unit, it can remain hidden from the casual guest or even from the resident.

The SED 2000 is slightly more expensive as a result, but it is much more appealing and helps to avoid clutter in living areas. This particular unit is fairly powerful and is primarily used to clear smoke from larger rooms in the house.

Other than being able to be concealed, one of the great things about the unit is how it actually works. By pulling in the smoke into the filters, it not only clears the smoke from the room, but also removes both the small and large particles caused from the smoke. This will not only clear the air for non-smokers in the room, but will also help to fight against the spread of the odor. This is especially important as removing the odor through cleaning can be very difficult after the fact. The past way to get rid of it is to simply prevent it in the first place.

Smoking is still a dangerous activity to undertake and this is even true for the non-smokers in the room. When health is a main concern, it is best to do what you can to clean it up. Installing this kind of unit is a great way to help out the non-smokers as well as make the area cleaner and more inviting to spend time in.

The SED 2000 Concealed Smoke Removal System

In their ongoing effort to get the smoke out of their premises and please an increasingly more discerning clientele, some businesses have had to turn to the installation of smoke eaters. However in an increasing market which offers so much in the way of smoke eaters it can be difficult to choose the right one for one’s business. So here is a bit of information about one such smoke eater that is in the best-selling list – the SED 2000 -an incredible unit that you can find today for an impressively low price.

The SED 2000 is an industrial strength smoke eater which can clean an average size room for any bar or restaurant. This state of the art smoke eater can be found for just under three thousand dollars and at times for as little as eighteen hundred. It is manufactured by My Air Purifier – a well-known name in the smoke eater industry. Weighing in at just one hundred and seventy five pounds this smoke eater is also one of the lightest units available.

Designed as a concealed system, the SED 2000 can be hidden from view and even used in a separate room to the smoke problem. Although a bit more expensive than most conventional smoke eaters, this unit offers a silent, long-lasting operation which other units do not offer. The way this unit functions is simple. You place it in another room next to, above, below or adjacent to the room with the heaviest smoke problem. As long as you have two air ducts running to and from the room you are using this device in, you can have smoke polluted air drawn in and clean air spat back out. This has fast become a very popular and widely used model with bars, restaurants and even hospitals, simply because it can filter out more than just smoke pollutants in the air.

This device measures just less than forty eight inches in length, twenty four inches in width and twenty four inches in height. This makes it suitable to be placed somewhere out of the way. A concealed unit such as this can even be inconspicuously hidden within the same room in which you want to use it. However it could run loud without proper placement, securing and ventilation.

In an age where smoking and its effects can mean so much to your business and your income when you deal with the public, this is an investment which you cannot look away from.

Concerned Home Owners Use Smoke Air Filters

Home Smoke EaterEven though there is a huge amount of research that focuses on the significant dangers of prolonged smoking, many people are continuing to smoke because of their addiction. In these situations, people who are around them constantly are also affected by the contaminants included in these cigarettes. In fact, there has been a lot of data collected on the impact of second hand smoke. The dangers for those who are affected by second hand smoke are normally greater than those who smoke on a regular basis.

As a result, some people have chosen to quit and the laws have changed. Some of these laws confine smokers to certain area when they are smoking and employers can restrict this activity to outdoors only. For those who are concerned about people and the chemicals in fumes, they may want to purchase smoke air filters to place in certain rooms of their home. With smoke air filters placed in specific areas of a home, an individual can keep the air in these rooms free from these overwhelming scents.

Based on information from the American Lung Association of Washington, there are also other pollutants in the air that people should protect themselves from and one of which includes wood smoke. Wood smoke is on the list of the leading air pollutants that some people will be exposed to in the winter season. Unfortunately, these types of pollutants can be fatal because they are directly linked to cancer and lung damage. This is one of the reasons why some homeowners are concerned and prefer to use smoke air filters to assist with these problems and concerns. While some people may things that any type of air purifier is sufficient, the truth is homeowners will need to know what they should look for, especially if they want to be sure that the air that they breathe daily is cleaned properly. This means the homeowner will need to shop around before making a purchase.

When looking for smoke air filters, the owner will have to do their homework. This homework includes finding out what the best features are in an effective air filter. Once the features have been identified, the owner can look to see which manufactures have the best products available. Instead of buying an air filter that does not clear the air properly, the owner should purchase an air filter that has the right quality and is effective.

Regain the Freedom to Smoke Inside Your Home

SED 2000 Smoke EaterSmokers today are find that it is getting very hard to find a place to smoke. Due to regulations and policies, most public places have become non-smoking environments. In fact, there are a lot of smokers who can’t even smoke inside their own home. Perhaps this is a personal choice, but smokers are often forced outside because of children living in the house, or at the request of another family member. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have just one room to smoke in when it is raining or cold outside? Don’t you think it would be great not to wait for a commercial to have a cigarette? Thanks to you can do these things. offers several smoke removal systems for residential use. There are stand-alone models, such as the CT500 Smoke Eater Basic. This type of system is in a wood cabinet on wheels and can be moved from place to place in the house. The downside to this system is aesthetics. Although the cabinet is attractive, some prefer that their air cleaner be out of sight. For these people has the perfect solution: the SED 2000.

The SED 2000 is a completely concealed smoke eater that uses ductwork to hide the machine. With this system, you can house your air cleaner in any space in the home. Ducts are run so that the desired area is cleaned. The best part is that you won’t even know that it is there. The unit can be placed in your attic, a closet, the garage, or any other place of your choosing.

The cost of the SED 2000 smoke eater system depends on the installation. Because it uses a duct system, the amount of ductwork required will affect the over-all cost. If the system is installed closer to the room it is cleaning, then the price will be lower. The system itself cost just under $2,500. If you want to go all out, whole-home smoke eaters and air purifiers are also available.

Most smokers would say that this is a small price to pay for the freedom of smoking in their home. However, smoke eaters are not just for cigarette smokers. They also remove cigar smoke, which is heavier and harder to clean than cigarette smoke. Fireplace owners will also love the ability of the systems to remove smoke and soot from one’s home, making it a clean and healthy environment.

The Impressive SED 2000 Smoke Eater

2000When your business thrives on the capacity for smokers to partake in their habit, one needs to also account for the result of this action. Smoke can be a serious problem, not just in terms of health but also the cleanliness of your establishment, as well as the amount of comfort afforded to your patrons.  Fighting this never-ending battle is hard at best but you are not alone. A smoke eater is a secret weapon which you can use to clean up the smoke and get it out of your place of business.

One of the best smoke eaters you can have in your business is the SED 2000. This air purifier will run you just under twenty five hundred. Not only is it cheap and affordable when compared to other air purifying smoke eaters but it is also is concealable in the ceiling, flush mounted to the wall. This makes this smoke eater almost imperceptible to the general public. This can be installed just about anywhere, in an attic or in the basement, or even next to other heavy pieces of equipment such as furnaces or air conditioners. This is so you do not have to have this machine in the center of your business or home.

The SED 2000 is popular with homeowners simply because it is one of the best smoke eaters and air purifiers on the market today. Weighing only one hundred and seventy five pounds, this device is easily manageable and be installed on your own or with the help of experts. It also requires minimal upkeep and maintenance, the only thing which you need worry about is the replacing of the air filter on a regular basis. The filter is the most important part of any air purifier as this is where the pollutants are collected and stored when the air is being cleaned.

The ticket price is just a small price to pay for maintaining a clean environment for your family or business. The SED 2000 is one investment for your home or office or place of business that you cannot afford to pass up. In an age where not just smoke is a problem but just clean air in general this is the one device you definitely could do with.   There is no wonder as to why this smoke eater is one of the biggest selling smoke eaters on the market today.