Unhappy with your Smoke Eater Performance?

If you are unhappy with your smoke eater performance, watch this video:  (tips below the video too)

  1. Are you changing your filters as recommended?  (white pre-filters monthly, black carbon filters every two months, Box HEPA filter annually)Get more filter kits here: 
    My Air Purifier or GetTheSmokeOut.com SRS Series Smoke Eaters
    Pollution Research or Matrix Air Smoke Eaters
  2. Do you have enough smoke eaters for the size space you have?  Did you purchase what was recommended?  Has your smoking increased lately?  Unsure what you need?  Give Dan a call at 888-472-8736.
  3. If you are changing filters and have enough machines and are still not happy, consider adding an ozone producing UV light to your solution.  Again, give Dan a call at 888-472-8736.  The size of your space will determine which unit is recommended.  Prices range from $350 to $1,000.
  4. Lastly, are your smoke eaters laid out properly?  Airflow matters.  Watch this video to see if yours are set up properly.

Sometimes it just takes the right maintenance or a slight tweak to dramatically improve the results you are getting from your system.

Get in touch – we’re here to help.

Dan Buglio – Owner
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Toll Free:  1-888-472-8736

Our Products on the show Bar Rescue – Spike TV

I am so excited that our products will be featured in episode two of this seasons Bar Rescue.  Watch the trailer and tune in on February 17th.

Smoking Banned in Santa Monica Residences

Wow, this is pretty interesting news.  As a company that helps people deal with smoke problems we OFTEN get calls from people living in apartments or condos who’s homes are filled with odors from their neighbors smoking.  It’s a REAL problem.

What do you think?  Should this be handled by the government?  Should they step in and protect people in apartments/condos from their smoking neighbors? Comment below.


Home Smoke Eliminators to Combat Allergies

Smoke EaterThere are a number of benefits to using a home smoke eliminator. Not only can they clean the smoke out of your air in your home but they can also help with your allergies. While they cannot cure allergies outright they can eliminate the substances and particles in the air which cause your allegories to react. While it’s not so much a cure, it might as well be.

The average person with a standard allergy has an allergic reaction to particles within the air. Some of these particles can be anything from dust to pollen. These pollutants can be just as bad as dirt and smoke in the air. Also most smoke eaters can remove viruses, bacteria and mold spores which are released in the air. This is most common in places which are either wet or damp; where mildew occurs.

It is always good to have a home smoke eliminator in a place of residence, even if you do not smoke. In any home there can be a problem with dirt and grime. These particles can settle on furniture and even cause odors to occur in a home. A smoke eater can take care of these small annoyances as well as clean the reactants in the air that would cause your allergies to flare up.

Some people use humidifiers in their home and added with a smoke eater can guarantee that you can almost a 99.9 percent clean air ratio in your home. This would mean no more mold spores, no more dust, pollen, or anything else in your home. When it comes to your own health and that of your family can you really afford to play around with not having a smoke eater to collect the random pollutants in the air.

Smoke eaters are easy to install and require minimum upkeep. The only thing which you need to worry about is replacing the filter and the replacing of the filter in these systems is easy. An average filter for any home unit can last between four to five months before you would even consider checking it.  Some of the more expensive smoke eater models you only have to worry about replacing the filter once a year with an annual check up to see if it requires a new filter. It also wouldn’t hurt to clean out the insides of your smoke eater. Some models also need to be placed directly in your living room whole other units can be placed in your attic or basement and be concealed from the eye.