How to Build a Temporary Smoke Eater

Smoke RemovalMany people are looking for different types of ways to get the smoke out of their home or out of their business. Smoke can come from a variety of different sources including cooking, wood stoves, cigars, or cigarettes. Particularly in the case of smokers of cigars and cigarettes, people are looking for ways that they can still smoke indoors. At the same time, they want to find a way to protect other people from their second hand smoke in the air. One reason that cigarette and cigar smoke is so odorous is that it is composed of a few different parts, which manifest themselves in the form of gas and odor.

Additionally, nicotine can get into the carpet, the walls, and fabrics of a smoker’s home as well. That’s why cigarette and cigar smoke are so troublesome when it comes to odors. In this article, you will learn how to make a temporary smoke eater until you can get to the store to purchase a smoke eater such as a Honeywell smoke eater.

Gathering Requirements

You will need to get a box fan. If you have one of these, that’s great. If not, you can probably purchase one relatively cheaply from any store. You will also need to purchase some furnace filters. A lot of stores sell these and you shouldn’t have a hard time finding them. If you need help finding one, just ask for help in the store. Finally, you need to purchase some duct tape.

Building the Fan System

When you get back home, put your box fan on the floor, having the back of it facing upwards. Then, you will want to cut the furnace filter to fit the back of the box fan. You will need to get the filter to completely cover the back of the fan. Then, just duct tape the furnace filter firmly to the fan. If the filter doesn’t fit perfectly because it is too big, that’s okay. You just don’t want it to be too small.

Testing It Out

Next you can just turn on the fan. You can turn the fan on high to get the air filtering quickly. You can replace the filter when it gets dirty, but this will end up becoming fairly costly in the long run. To use this technique on a smaller fan, you would just need to cut it to fit.

This will help to tide you over until you get your Honeywell smoke eater. However the power of this type of temporary smoke eater is nowhere in the realm on a professional smoke eater. It is clear that a Honeywell smoke eater would be a simpler choice, and as they are not expensive, it may be a better option to go for them in the long run.

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