How to Choose the Best Cigar Smoke Eater

Smoke EatersHow to choose the best cigar smoke eater is a common question for those surrounded by the dreadful stuff. A smoke eater is designed to remove smoke from the air in a home or a business. Often, people who smoke cigarettes or cigars will use cigar smoke eaters to make the air in their home better for other people who are exposed to their smoke second hand.

Some people might want a smoke eater to improve the smell of their home because cigars and cigarettes get into the tapestry and in the walls. In other cases, like bars or restaurants that allow smoking, smoke eaters might be used to help clear the air in these establishments as well. It can be a challenge to determine what type of smoke eater you will need, but there are some general pointers that will help you make a good informed decision.

The first thing you will need to consider is what kind of smoke you want to get rid of. Cigar and cigarette smoke is different from other types of smoke, like industrial smoke. You will also want to be an aware that smoke eaters come in different sizes and also have different types of filters. Some smoke eater devices have filters that need to be removed and cleaned from time to time. Other types of smoke eaters have filters that you will need to remove and replace periodically as well. You will need to decide if you want to have the type that you have to clean or the type that you have to purchase again and again. If you need to have one that you need to replace the filter in, you will have to factor that into the cost over the life time of the device in your home or business.

A cigar smoke eater might be different from a cigarette smoke eater. Some smoke eaters are very quiet and others aren’t. If you are going to be using the smoke eater in the home, you will probably want one that is relatively quiet.

A smoke eater can also be used for other purposes like for removing allergens from the air, as well. What you really need to do is figure out what you need the smoke eater for and what size you will need to have. With this knowledge, you should be able to choose the best cigar smoke eater for your needs.

Investing in a Smoke Deodorizer

Cigarette SmokeFor people who do not smoke, having to live with a smoker can be a very unpleasant experience. The idea of sitting down and smelling cigarettes is often times revolting to someone who does not smoke. As a result, many people are investing in a smoke deodorizer. These machines can effectively remove the smoke from the air, allowing smokers and people who do not smoke to live or be in the same area. While it might not be nice to sit directly next to the person smoking, at least the smell will be gone and odors will not linger long after the cigarette has been put out.

There are many different types of machines that are available on the market today. If you are installing a smoke eating machine in your own home, you will likely want to do it in a nice way. If this is what you are looking for, there are many systems which can actually be hidden from view. This can be done by putting the smoke eating machine in the ceiling or installing it in a closet or room that is not frequently used. Once installed, the machine can be piped throughout the house to create a smoke free environment everywhere.

While many people may just suggest going outside to smoke, others will want to enjoy their house as they see fit. Furthermore, in many areas it might be too cold to go outside and have a smoke frequently. When it comes down to it, there are many reasons to invest in a smoke deodorizer machine no matter what circumstance you might find yourself in. From the smallest of jobs to eliminating the smoke from a large establishment, there is always a smoke eating machine that will get the job done.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a smoke eating machine is the elimination of the odors that will linger around. Cleaning the house and getting rid of these smells can take lots of work and there is never a good way to really clean it out. However, with a smoke deodorizer machine, the work is already done for you. House guests will now be able to come over and be entertained without having to put up with the odor from a cigar or cigarette and the house does not have to be divided into a smoking and non-smoking section. For both health and sanitary reasons, investing in a smoke eating machine is a great idea for the house.

Purchasing Dynamic Air Cleaners Online

For home owners looking to make their home smoke free, one of the trusted ways available for removing the smoke from different rooms in the home is the domestic smoke removal solutions provided by Dynamic Air Cleaners.

Dynamic has a wide range of domestic smoke removal devices in the form of portable home smoke eaters, which can be carried to different parts of the home and the centralized whole home smoke removal solutions.

Dynamic Air Cleaners provide standalone filters and also complete smoke eater package that can be used to remove the smoke out from the house. They provide the complete home smoke eater package in the form of CT500 home smoke eater basic package and CT500 home smoke eater ultimate package. The basic package comes with the unit plus the four filters. The main unit comes in two colors in the form of wood grain and black. The basic unit is capable of capturing both smoke and odor. They are very powerful, but at the same time operate very quietly and smoothly. Each every filter that has been provided as part of the package would last up to three months. Thus the four filters that come as part of the package would last for one year.

The CT500 Home smoke eater ultimate package provided by Dynamic Air Cleaners comes with 13 filters in addition to the basic smoke eater unit. The ultimate pack comes with 3 times more filters than the basic package. The remaining features remain the same as the basic package. In addition to the home smoke eater packages, they also provide replacement filters in the form of the CT500 3 filter replacement pack, the 6 filter replacement pack, the 9 filter replacement pack, and the 12 filter replacement pack. A 6 Filter replacement pack has the capacity to last up to 12 months depending upon the level of smoke in the house. The 12 filter replacement pack can last for 24 months depending on the smoke intensity levels.

In addition to CT500 filter replacement packs, there are also Electronic Air filters. These electronic air cleaners come in the form of 1 inch polarized media air filters. These filters can be used to replace the filters used in the central heating and cooling system. These electronic Air filters have the capability to remove both the odor and impure particles present in the different rooms. While using this filter, the heating and cooling system fan should always be turned on. For ordering these filters, one can go to and look for the Dynamic Air Cleaner product section.

How to Remove Smoke Odor from Home

Smoke RemovalHow to remove smoke from a home that has seen more than its fair share of cigarette smoke is not something that is not easy. There are a couple of steps you can take to achieve maximum freshness after you have smoke in your house for years.

Cigarette smoke is one of the worst smells to get rid of, and if you have smoked in your house it will linger for days and even years. Cigarette smell will get into your furniture causing that to smell also. What you will need is a carpet scrubber with a furniture attachment, some ammonia, and some hot water.

First, ammonia works great on removing the smell and cleaning up stains on both carpets and walls. Open the windows and let your house air out for a few days. Candles and other sprays will mask the smell for a little while.

Take one and one fourth cups of ammonia to one gallon of water in your carpet scrubber and make sure you scrub every piece of carpeting you have in your house. Next is to work on the furniture. If it is fabric use the carpet scrubber. Make sure you are pulling the cushions out and cleaning both sides, and even the backs of the couches and chairs. If you have wooden furniture you will need a bucket full of the mixture in your carpet scrubber.

Another how to remove smoke odor from home method is to get a ladder with your bucket of ammonia and water, and wash the walls and ceilings. Tobacco smoke will cling to your walls, causing them to turn sticky and dingy. White ceilings will even turn a nasty yellow looking color even after a couple of months of smoking in the house. While washing the walls and ceilings make sure you open windows to let fresh air in, and put fans in the windows to allow air circulation – to not only dry your carpet but to ventilate the area.

After you have washed your carpets and walls, wash all the clothes and window treatments in your house! If there was smoking in the house, everything smells like it, especially fabric. You can get nice clean smelling clothes by washing them with a product called Borax. This will also help take out any light stains you may have. While your clothes and bedding are in the washer, be sure to wipe out the dressers and closets with the ammonia mixture to provide maximum freshness in your house.

Improving Air Quality for the Benefit of Society

Air PollutionAir quality is a major concern of Americans. Air pollution has been widely recognized to threaten our health, and the earth’s ecosystems. Smoking in the home is one big cause of poor air quality, but there are also other little things that can cause poor air quality, such as if you own animals that live in your home, or if you live on a farm. Some problems with air can come from living in a congested city, or living near an industrial plant. To keep the quality of air in your home perfect it is impossible – unless you are a neat freak. You will always be subjected to a little “bad air”.

Second Hand Smoke Contains around 4,000 Chemicals

One air pollutant that a lot of people are subjected to on a daily basis is second hand smoke. Second hand smoke effects the quality of around you more significantly than you may think. Second hand smoke contains around 4,000 different chemicals. Some of these chemicals include formaldehyde, arsenic, DDT and cyanide! Over 40 of the chemicals found in second hand smoke contain substances known to cause cancer. Second hand smoke also causes irritation to the airway and lungs.

For better quality of air in your home you can purchase an air filtration system. These are usually very cheap if purchased online, and they help provide better quality breathing air for you and your family. You never really know what your air quality is like in your home until you become sick or investigate it scientifically. If you have pets, your air quality will decrease due to pet dander and the increase in dust mites that pets cause.

Increasing the Quality of Air for Everyone

If you want to think bigger, to reduce the effect you have on ruining the air quality for everyone you can try carpooling, walking, or riding a bike to work. Public transportation is also a great idea to get around town instead of driving yourself.

Anywhere you go, there will be people and things polluting the air, but you can make an impact by trying to reduce the things you do on a daily basis that may be affecting the air quality in your home and around it. Think before driving your car two blocks or driving downtown instead of using the public transportation system. You’re adding to a pollution problem that threatens our entire planet.

Three Ways to Combat Cigarette Smoke Odor

SRS 800 Smoke EaterMost people think that in the war against smoke they are fighting the smoke itself. However what some people don’t realize is that cigarette odor, once permeated into furniture, is very difficult to get out. This odor moves with the clouds of smoke and even in some cases spreads out on its own to other places in the room which the smoke has lingered. It can settle and cling to just about everything from fabrics, to plastics, and even metals. Cigarette odor removal is a very difficult thing to perform correctly. Although fear not because you can indeed get the smoke out and not have to worry about the lingering odor either.

The first way to beat cigarette smoke odor is to hit it at the source. That is right, if you can clean the smoke in the air before it can build up and linger then you drastically cut down the amount of odor which you have seeping into your room. This can be done by having a smokeless ashtray where people can place their cigarettes. Even though these devices are small they cleanse the smoke from the cigarette just as it drifts upward. While not system can clean the air to one hundred percent efficiency, this device cleans the air so well that odors do not have a chance to build up.

If cigarette smoke is already an issue for you then cigarette odor removal is even more difficult. As the smoke has had a chance to build up in your home or room you are simply adding to it with more smoke. By running a smoke eater in the room you can stop the accumulation in its tracks. This will give you a good chance to air out the room and clean it by hand as you won’t have to worry about new amounts of smoke escaping into the current atmosphere of the room. By not adding to the current problem you can increase your chances of ridding yourself of it for good.

The third way to achieve odor removal is to have a larger smoke eater device hooked up to your room. Usually achieved with the help of a concealed smoke eater, this device can even be placed in another separate room with two air vents running to and from. This takes in the polluted air and then recycles it back into the room in a much cleaner state. The more clean air you have building up, the more it can help to air out the current odor. So, while cigarette odor removal is difficult it certainly is not impossible.

Taking the Yuck Out Of A Smoke Filled Room

cigarette smokeCigarette smoke is not a pleasant thing to be around for anyone, even those who choose to smoke. It smells bad and it leaves a terrible stench on clothing and furniture. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of the nasty nature of cigarette smoke indoors. Learn how to remove smoke odor from home by taking a peek at a few products that can contribute to this goal.

A smoke eater is an appliance that folks can have in their business or home and it literally sucks the smoke out of the air. This is a great product for homeowners that allow smoking in any or all areas of the home. With a good smoke eater, you will not even know that smoking is allowed. Depending on the space you are freeing of smoke and the amount you want to spend, there are a few options.

First, if you are just looking to rid your home of smoke then it is only necessary to get a unit perfect for your home. Some are typically smaller and some of them are even portable to serve the smoke eating needs of one room at a time. There are also whole house units that are more centralized and can take that nasty smoke out of the whole home instead of just doing it one room at a time. On a larger level, you may want to consider using a commercial smoke eater for really big jobs.

Commercial smoke eaters are typically for commercial uses but if you want to learn how to remove smoke odor from home, you may opt for a commercial smoke ventilation system. Some systems can be mounted to the ceiling and some systems can be concealed so that they do not look big and bulky. Each home space is going to have different needs when it comes to getting rid of smoke. Decide what your space needs and experience again what it is like to enjoy your space.

A great smoke eater is essential when there is any kind of smoke around, whether it be cigarette smoke or smoke from other sources. Learn how to remove smoke odor from home so that you can take your home back to the original beautiful smell. Many people strive for a clean and sanitary environment and smoke does the exact opposite for a home. This is why you need to check out and purchase a great smoke ventilation system right away.

Home Smoke Eliminators make a Solid Choice

Home Smoke EaterDo you have a home with smokers? Well than you know how much of an annoyance that can be in one way or another, yet you don’t want to say anything because maybe it is their home, or you feel like you are violating their rights! The smell can invade the whole house and anything that is in it. Sure, some people will smoke outside, however if you live where it gets cold that can be a hindrance too. So you wonder if there are there home smoke removers that you can purchase that can help.

It can be the same situation if you have someone who enjoys to cook, but sometimes the cooking don’t go as planned. That can surely create quite the smell throughout the house too. So you may want to find a solution that can take care of that also. You can find great home smoke eliminators that can take care of either of those situations.

There are many different home smoke eliminators out there. Prices can vary greatly, as well as how efficient they are at getting the job done. Some may work well but take forever to clear out the smoke. Others may clean the air quick but it seems like you are changing out filters all the time.

When people are purchasing home smoke eliminators, they want to make sure they are getting what they pay for. They are looking for a great cost, cleaning efficiency, easy operation, and energy efficiency. They can indeed find what they are looking for if they take the time to look. They will surely find a better selection online than they will locally.

If you have a large home you may want one for each room in your home, or at the very least in each end and the main living area. You will be surprised at the difference it makes incorporating them into your home. You will be able to breathe comfortably again even with that smoker or smokers puffing away. You will finally have fresh clean air in your home again. You will wonder why you have waited so long to invest in them. So don’t keep inhaling all that smoke that isn’t healthy for you get what you need, and start breathing again!

Home smoke eliminators also make a great gift for others that you know may have a problem with smoke, such as grandparents that want the grandchildren over for visits. Smoke is a trigger for people with allergies, and breathing problems. So by providing a removal tool, you are taking those triggers away. They are just an investment that are worth their money. People may not even realize that there is even a smoker in the area anymore. You probably never thought you would be telling a smoker to smoke away. Now you won’t have to and feel bad about it, as now you both can have your comfort.

Rid your Entire House of Smoky Stenches in One Easy Step

When you have a room which is used for smoking you will always have the same problems which arise. There is always the problem of dirt and odor. With smoke you can have different forms of dirt and grime which will travel through the air and cling to everything within their path. Where you could perceivably vacuum up the most of the dirt and grime from smoke or soot you can never get rid of the odor without some advanced forms of cleaning. You want to simply put a stop to it at the source before it gets worse. That is where a smoke eater comes into play in your home.

However, a smoke eater can be large and bulky and even noisy at times, if you choose the wrong model. It can be distracting and also a visual eyesore. This is something you don’t need to have your guests see or yourself reminded of. So why not look into concealed smoke eaters? These smoke eaters are devices which you have set up in other rooms in your home. No-one even need know you have one.

The way these marvels work is that you find another room in your home to place them in. Concealed smoke eaters can be placed anywhere from the basement all the way as far up as the attic of a home. They then require at least two air ducts which will go to and from a room of your choice. The first air duct brings the polluted air up into the system where the smoke does its job by cycling the smoke filled air around and around through the blades and the air filters. The cleaner air is then filtered back out through the second air duct back into the room where it was taken from the first time.

These concealed devices look just like an air conditioning unit or even a heating system. They also run extremely quiet and no-one ever knows that you have one in use. Depending on the size of the device, a concealed smoke eater can service multiple rooms at once from one single solitary location. So in theory you can have your whole house being cleansed of smoke and other air born pollutants. Imagine having a home where you can smoke heavily in almost any room and not have to worry about the problems of smoke in the slightest.

Get a Smoke Eater – Clean Up Your Air!

Smoke EaterFor some people there is nothing that can be more annoying than having a smoker living in their home. Unfortunately there are many people that smoke inside their home regularly, and quite often it is a very difficult habit to break once you are used to it. For many people smoking is a habit that they got from their parents as well and because of that, many people get used to smelling smoke in their home, and quiet often they may enjoy smoking in their own home.

There have been many cases of couples that may have both been smoking when they got together, but over time one or both of them may have stopped smoking, and that can be very difficult for the person that no longer wants to smoke. Smoking is such a difficult vice to break, but once a person has broken the habit for good, the last thing that a person is going to want is to have to smell the smell of the smoke from the second spouse.

The problem is that when a person is used to smoking in the home, it can be very difficult to make that person stop smoking in the home when they are so used to smoking that way. Once a person is smoking in the home it can cause a lot of problems. It can cause fights and it can also cause a lot of arguments. Room smoke eaters are great when such issues arise. Room smoke eaters basically do the job of taking all of the smoke out of the home, so that a family can live without the worries and the smell of smoke. There are many different filters that are offered by other companies, but in reality smoke eaters are the highest quality smoke eliminators around.

They are made to get rid of the smell of smoke professionally and quickly and the best thing about them is that they are very easy to use and they are also very quiet. They also have a unique design that really makes them look great and they go almost unnoticed in any home.

It can be very embarrassing to have to live in a house that smells like smoke, especially when friends and family come over. Even though it would really be ideal for a smoker to stop smoking completely, when that is not an option, the best thing that any family can do would be to get room smoke eaters, and clean up their air.